Zodiac: an interpretation of Haiku

Also from February’s Allographic Workshop

Seasonal Hauki with the chosen word of ‘Zodiac’

The dark winter skies

Clothe the Earth in icy cold

Zodiac sleeping

Then springtime flies in

Sweet scents and verdant new growth

Zodiac waking

Summer heat, too hot

Desert dry upon the skin

Zodiac listless

At last Autumn comes

All is calm within the skies

Zodiac rebirths


Allographic Workshop

February 2017

“The Keeper of Scrolls”


Truth is a darkness; suspended in a time that does not exsist…..

Endlessly i fall caught in a chasm of wonder. Spralling onwards


The bones of my being find shelter & solace ‘neath the comforting shadow of my soul

Digital Camera

Sounds of tinkling pipes woven by the winds own charm weave around my soul

Digital Camera

Silently i tread the years of earthly time; my one companion, my warrior soul…

Digital Camera

With breastplate and sword I stand steadfast and mighty. In silence i rule

Digital Camera

Beauty always lingers and lives on in the hearts & minds of men, time cease to be & all there is is the truth….


My name is silence only whispered by the wind when the sky is dark

Digital Camera

Suspended timelessly in a space of my own creation; i weave reality with the electrons of my mind…..


All secrets revealed, all knowledge known. At the end of days i shall become into being and She will rise within


And so it goes on bood spilled, innocents ravaged man’s death on the cards….


The time is now here for man to be accounted. Too late for good deeds…


Save your soul, lest you weep and pray for no more tears. Tis over, all done…


Beach huts hibernate dreaming of hot days and sand. Returning cycles


Beauty always lingers and lives on in the hearts & minds of men, time ceases to be & all there is is the truth. The land will endure over centuries of upheavel, always renewing itself at perfect points giving humanity life once more


Words from the ‘Keeper of Scrolls’  ‘Truth is is darkness suspended ina time that does not exsist’

January 2017 (All photos and words are original and belong to the author)

Whispers of Scarlet Kisses

 Vampiric Haiku

 “Let not the light of day betray the real love that rules the world” 



When years matter not

And seasons slip by unseen

Then my love I live





To find another

Of bloodline true and race pure

Tis an old one’s dream





On these shores I dream

Of days gone by and feasts past

And living embraced





The purest of gifts

Is offered, so drink my love

Two souls bound as one





On the plane of life

I exist in mortal form

Yearning still for Light





In dying embers

Whispers of scarlet kisses

Bleed upon the land




When shadows of time

Creep through the fields of your mind

You will know my kiss



Weaving webs of night

My dream becomes your nightmare

Night and day as one




Freedom i will give

Truths i shall gladly teach thee

Nothing though comes free…



September 2016

“The keeper of Scrolls”

Savouring Dreams in Bloodtimes

In a world of lies
Mix and match the truths my dears
Illusion hides fear..

globe 1

Wake up and saviour
For the dreams of children fade
Time will reveal all

Tyre Cross

Roses fade and die
Never more a tale to tell
Thorn grasped before death….

Blue Rose

A mighty tower rose
Built of illusion and lies
Manmade religions….


Adueni/moonwillow Summer 2016

“We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun….”

exert from the teachings of The Priory…

Time and Tide…


Nature blooms in death

Time slips by on hallowed ground

Earth reveals in time


flowers 1

From death beauty flows

Life asumes a shroud of new

The old feed the new

flowers 3

Life is illusion

Dancing on rainy-day clouds

We let it slip by

flowers 2 (1)

Scattered in graveyards

Dreams of immortality

Blooms anew flourish

flowers 4

May 2016

Inspired by the everlasting and ethereal beauty of the graveyard blooms

Summer Haiku & Garden Photos…

Garden days are here

And with it joy and sunshine

Dont let it pass by….


flower 6


Life’s like a garden

With joy to follow hard work

Seeds sown blossom forth




Stand and stare in awe

Cherish this beautiful land

For time, like life flies…


flower 4


May 2016