My Dreamtime

WARRIORS:  The messages had been slowly trickling through for the past couple of days. Cryptic messages left in my inbox, clues that seemingly lead to nowhere, yet I knew the messages were directed at me. Whispers about impending changes…

Sitting at my office desk in this modern high-rise building I had a good view over the city and when bored my mind often used to wander and gaze upon the faceless metropolis below. But I was now strangely viewing my work colleagues in a very detached way, as if through a pane of very thick and cloudy glass, they seemed to move in slow motion, living in a silent world. And still the messages kept coming…

This time, concerning the “guardians” of our ancient stone circles. They were about to be taken over by someone else. Was this a cry for help from the guardians themselves, I wondered? Other messages too, started arriving seemingly from other realms, realms that only I could know about, concerning changes in the policies of these realms. I had by chance previously discovered that our world is under the guardianship of other higher realms and now they were about to take action.

I glanced out of the window and saw in the distance strange birds, unknown to this world, hovering as if in waiting…  A colleague saw them too and I found it necessary to distract her from looking. I started to sense a kind of urban panic rising in the streets below me, so I made my way outside, not knowing what I would face down there. Below my feet the ground was shaking and starting to break up and people were blindly panicking, running everywhere.

I knew I had to get out of the city, had to escape, but was surrounded by ever widening cracks at my feet. It felt hopeless.  It was then that I caught a glimpse of a familiar face in the crowd; a friend who I knew to be pagan, a kind of eco warrior.

“Come with me” he beckoned “This way”

“But what about all the others” I heard myself saying.

He turned to me “They are living out their own destinies, but some of us have been chosen to take a different path – those with inner power – here take my hand” I hesitantly took his hand, wary at first but then let him lead me on.

We skipped and jumped over the splintering cracks as the earth tremors intensified. We seemed to me to be going the wrong way, straight into the heart of the quake.

“Have faith” he said, “We need to travel the hardest path to reach the other side”

We jumped down a small ravine, still running, into some lush, green woods which seemed like an island of tranquillity after the chaos above us. I couldn’t help noticing though, some crazed cows running the wrong way. We then stopped to rest awhile and as we did so, we became aware of three robed women walking towards us. As they neared us we spoke briefly in greeting. The leader of the women had on a ring, which she tried to show us, and in doing so started to fade from view.

I spoke out in amazement and recognition “But it looks like The Ring!”

“It is,” she said

“The One Ring to Rule Us?” I replied

“It is”

“But I thought it was only a story”

“Ah yes” she replied “But stories become mythology and myths eventually have a habit of manifesting themselves into our own reality”

She turned to me again “Let go completely. You are already starting to see and feel with your inner eye. Start to live with it too. Why do you think you have been chosen? Not everyone has this ability. You must now take this gift and use it to its fullest potential. It is time to wake up and wake up fast. Come join us, join our band.”

She handed me a talisman “This is for you”

It was a small, softly made fabric doll. I turned it slowly around in my hands and as I examined it I realised that it was in the form of a warrior women, an Amazonian in fact.

It was indeed time for battle…

moonwillow/Adueni 2003

A VERY HOT DAY: It was a very hot, dry summer day; the kind of day that one always remembers as being commonplace in child hood. Everywhere people were going about their normal daily lives, in fact a typical urban setting. Strolling along casually with a friend we chanced upon a choice of paths in front of us. Now in my own mind I knew this to be something very out of place or was simply that I had never noticed this alternative route before? The path veering off to the left certainly looked much more inviting to me, more so than the hot pavements and hustle and bustle of the right hand path.

I could see lushness and greenness, a contained microcosm and I just had to step through the leafy opening and enter into it. Huge tropical plants with gigantic shady leaves seemed to be growing everywhere, but where had it come from – this other world? My friend was hesitating and trying to persuade me not to enter. I couldn’t hear her or rather I chose not to. Her pleas were sounding more and more insignificant in my ears as I stepped forward, feeling light hearted and uplifted. How could I not feel so, not want to be a part of this cool, lush world? There was an almost tangible feeling of spiritual re growth and peace about the whole place; a feeling of magic, almost as if anything was possible.

But sometimes all is not at what it at first seems……

As I walked along I mingled happily with the people there. It felt like a perfectly natural thing to be doing. I didn’t even pay any attention to the fact that there were many exotic looking people there, in this world as they were going about their business and leisure in the same way that was happening in the world I had left behind. Animals and birds too were roaming free, but they were not of a kind that would normally be at large in England in 2004. More at home in an exotic zoo I thought.

I was walking, feeling at home and happy, watching and taking in everything I saw, when a stunningly beautiful woman seemed to appear out of the undergrowth. She silently walked beside me for a few minutes. I noticed that she had the most perfect of features with a very pale complexion. Her cropped hair was the colour of a fenland sunset. She turned to speak to me and as she did so I then saw the large black horn that grew from the back of her head. She was smiling and friendly and so I engaged her in conversation, trying hard not to keep staring at the horn. After a few small pleasantries I had to ask her. Had to ask her how long she had had it – the horn.

“Always” she replied, “For I am not from these parts. I am from another world, another universe. We are many who walk amongst you unseen”

“How come then” I said, “That I have never seen any of you before? And how come I can see you now?”

“It is because” she continued, “that we share the same very light tan skin colour. You can only see those of whom you share the same skin tone with”

She introduced herself as Menis.  She also told me that very soon when she reached a certain age she would evolve and grow another horn. I then saw that she had a male companion at her side, equally as stunning but minus the horn. When I asked he told me that he was in fact her boyfriend but that he was a human. We chatted more and everything seemed perfectly normal, relaxed and happy.

While we were chatting they had led me to a tall, office like building. We went inside. It was dark and cool inside and my eyes took a few moments to adjust to coming out of the glare of the sun. They escorted me into the lift across the foyer. On going up I was introduced to a dark haired lady dressed in a red strappy, long summer dress. Innocent enough it would seem, but something was not quite right; an aura of utter darkness hung all around her. I was told she could answer any further questions if I had any.

She led me into a small, shabby and dingy office. I sat down, but noticed that many objects, especially electrical were in the process of disintegrating, breaking down, turning into dripping slime. No one else noticed or even seemed to be bothered by this. In this room time felt very sluggish, heavy and tangibly thick. It was all having a very profound effect on me, although I did not realise it at the time. There was an air of dark, degenerating chaos all around and so very different from the hot, tranquil scenes of minutes before.

 There was a TV quietly on in one corner and through my escalating stupor I noticed that “Top of The Pops” was playing. I remarked that I had not seen it for weeks as I was usually working at this time. So what was I doing here then? I should be somewhere else I realised. I should have been at work. But where had the afternoon gone? Had I been asleep and just woken up? I noticed that I was sitting on a grubby, well-worn and ruffled sofa bed that was placed next to the TV. I then looked up at the clock on the wall beside the sofa bed; it too was oozing slime and dripping slowly onto the floor. The hands were placed at 2pm. Time was playing tricks. I felt caught in a kind of sluggish vortex that was lulling me backwards and forth by it own strange energies.

I started to panic, feeling I should be elsewhere. There were others in the office I now noticed, who were also starting to panic, but where was the lady in red? I started shuffling urgently through some papers and notes that seemed to be relevant. But the ink on the notes was still wet and running off the pages. All I knew was I had to get out and get to work. But was it Monday or Friday? I shouldn’t be here, how could I have got here? I shouldn’t be here at all. I was trapped in a bubble of time that I couldn’t get out of. The air was heavy and dark, a darkness that could only be felt; womblike and tomblike.

And in that breath of realisation I accepted………

 moonwillow/adueni 2004


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