Whispers of Scarlet Kisses

 Vampiric Haiku

 “Let not the light of day betray the real love that rules the world” 



When years matter not

And seasons slip by unseen

Then my love I live





To find another

Of bloodline true and race pure

Tis an old one’s dream





On these shores I dream

Of days gone by and feasts past

And living embraced





The purest of gifts

Is offered, so drink my love

Two souls bound as one





On the plane of life

I exist in mortal form

Yearning still for Light





In dying embers

Whispers of scarlet kisses

Bleed upon the land




When shadows of time

Creep through the fields of your mind

You will know my kiss



Weaving webs of night

My dream becomes your nightmare

Night and day as one




Freedom i will give

Truths i shall gladly teach thee

Nothing though comes free…



September 2016

“The keeper of Scrolls”


Author: The MidKnight Garden & Midknights Tellings

Follower of the true Old Ways, tutor, writer, poet, photographer, lover of the arts, gigs and theatre. My love for my path and writing is a constant source of joy and inspiration to me.

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