Time to stop….?


Opening doors and running through rooms

Running, running, running through dark rooms

Running through darkness, feeling the mud holding and clinging

Seeing faces from a past that never was

Hearing voices from a future never to be

Opening doors and running through rooms

Quick, quick, run, run

Don’t stay still, don’t let the door slam

Keep ahead of the crowd, ahead of your thoughts

Stay ahead of the truth, run through the room

Shut the door, shut it all in

Dare to breathe, dare to cry

Dare to live, yet dare to die?

Shut the door, stay in the room, crouch on the floor

Time for tears, time to cry

Lock the door, keep it all out

Tired, tired of running

Time to stop, time to slow, time to live, time to grow

Time to embrace the truth as it is

Step up to life to bury the lies

Swing the hatchet, hold it down

Come alive in the blood

As you roar, as you roar

Open the door and see all your fears

Open the door, see what it reveals

See life in a room that’s not gone wrong

Stay in one place, slow

Slow to a beat, take one breath

Chill to the beat. sing to the rhythm

Vibrate with life, flow with the pain

Be whole once again

It’s life, it’s hard, this is it, this is now

Hold on, hold on

Catch the light, catch the time

Catch the breath, catch the now!


August 2017




Slumbering Knights from days of old
Mythical Beasts; stories untold
Fact and fiction are bound as one
Truth is hidden by the earthly sun
Dare to see what’s before your eyes
Look to the heavens and beyond the skies
Rhyme and reason is no more
Illusion is bound on these earthly shores
Hear the story; read the rhymes
Take a leap right out of time
The truth is where it’s always been
Yet hidden deep within your dream
With the slumbering Knight
On the shores of time
With the mythical beast
No more seen…


January 2017

‘The Keeper of Scrolls’

Truth is a darkness; suspended in a time that does not exsist…..

Endlessly i fall caught in a chasm of wonder. Spralling onwards


The bones of my being find shelter & solace ‘neath the comforting shadow of my soul

Digital Camera

Sounds of tinkling pipes woven by the winds own charm weave around my soul

Digital Camera

Silently i tread the years of earthly time; my one companion, my warrior soul…

Digital Camera

With breastplate and sword I stand steadfast and mighty. In silence i rule

Digital Camera

Beauty always lingers and lives on in the hearts & minds of men, time cease to be & all there is is the truth….


My name is silence only whispered by the wind when the sky is dark

Digital Camera

Suspended timelessly in a space of my own creation; i weave reality with the electrons of my mind…..


All secrets revealed, all knowledge known. At the end of days i shall become into being and She will rise within


And so it goes on bood spilled, innocents ravaged man’s death on the cards….


The time is now here for man to be accounted. Too late for good deeds…


Save your soul, lest you weep and pray for no more tears. Tis over, all done…


Beach huts hibernate dreaming of hot days and sand. Returning cycles


Beauty always lingers and lives on in the hearts & minds of men, time ceases to be & all there is is the truth. The land will endure over centuries of upheavel, always renewing itself at perfect points giving humanity life once more


Words from the ‘Keeper of Scrolls’  ‘Truth is is darkness suspended ina time that does not exsist’

January 2017 (All photos and words are original and belong to the author)

The Untrodden Path…

Sometimes following ones inner instinct may seem out of kilter with the rest of ones peers, yet maybe not, especially if one has never had a need to ‘fit in’.

Some of us have always lurked happily on the edges of society; we are the world’s shadow dwellers, the keepers of wisdom and the timeless watchers.

Instinct takes us down the well known untrodden path and we know how to leave no trace.

We are the whispers of the wind, walking silently through your world, observing all yet saying little.

Instinct and inner spirit always takes us to where we need to be; always to that right time, that right place without really thinking about it anymore; fate and destiny entwined, moving both back in time yet forwards simultaneously, for time has no meaning, no purpose in a world of illusion.

Think not of the ways of man, think not of the mundane, for all will vanish upon the winds of fate, when the hour of destiny is nigh and the truth is finally revealed for all it is.

Listen to your heart beat, listen to your instinct when it takes you in the opposite direction to others, for it is there you will find the truths; the truths that have always been here; though never seen in the clamour to always be heard.

In the silence, once you find it, you will see what you are meant to see and know what you are meant to finally know.

The road is bumpy and untrodden in current times; but listen to your heart lest you miss that final beat……




September 2016

Savouring Dreams in Bloodtimes

In a world of lies
Mix and match the truths my dears
Illusion hides fear..

globe 1

Wake up and saviour
For the dreams of children fade
Time will reveal all

Tyre Cross

Roses fade and die
Never more a tale to tell
Thorn grasped before death….

Blue Rose

A mighty tower rose
Built of illusion and lies
Manmade religions….


Adueni/moonwillow Summer 2016

“We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun….”

exert from the teachings of The Priory…


Questions unspoken

Answers unseen

Truth often appears In the form of a dream

Dancers that whirl with death all around

Cameras that turn to record every sound

Every gesture and every word

Every bullet fired certainly heard

Where do we go

What do we do

When the hallows of night are known just to a few

So be wise

Be kind

Honour the earth energy

Honour the life breath of the planet

Rise above all that is told

Be yourself

Be true

Be wise

Be kind

Be aware of all

Be aware of the Great All

For within the darkest shadow from the light of a flickering candle, one discovers the deepest, most transient beauty; the secret of all that is.

The secret of humanity within the universe…

The magic of LIGHT