The Serpent’s Eyes: Photography

The WordPress Photography Course:

*Click on each photo to enlarge it and view clearly*

Day one subject: Home. My personal interpretation, a bit Tracy Enim i know, but this is what came to me; home is comfort and escapism; hiding in my comfy bed writing to my hearts content.

Day two subject: Street. Everywhere to go to, urban street life is all around and capturing small transient moments in lives that one will never cross with again is like creating tales from passing shadows.

Day three subject: Water. When water reflects it reverses the world, leading one into a fantasy realm where the only limitation is imagination.

Day four subject: Bliss. The first coffee of the day is certainly my idea of bliss and without being able to sip at the oceans edge my bed will have to suffice   🙂

Day five subject: Connect. Lines of connection are everywhere; taking us on journeys of physical travel or by high speed invisible internet connections; lines of connection that make our lives smaller yet our minds expansive.

Day six subject: Solitude. No one can mistake the lone figure at the bar seeking solitude for whatever reason…

Day seven subject: Big. Taken from an unusual angle, even previously large buildings are dwarfed by this giant,seemingly not daunted by the viewpoint of the picture taken.

Day eight subject: Treasure. My treasure will always be standing upon the shores of time listening to the whispers of twilight…

Day nine subject:  A pop of Colour.  Flowers always give the gift of colour to enrich lifes path.

Day ten subject: Architecture. Wherever one goes, bold shapes can expand our creative horizons

I hope you like my choices for the ten day challenge – please let me know all your comments – thank you

July 2016


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