My Journey:

How many of you have lived with an inner feeling of being different from everyone else; of not being a part of the roaring crowd; of never fitting in or of even wanting to and of having deep inner thoughts and memories that you cant quite explain? For me, my early childhood was very much like that; always living within the vast  realm of what i perceived was my imagination with a very deep connection and love for this beautiful yet transient planet. My path for many years was happily that of pagan and yet i always knew i was searching, journeying  towards something that i knew deep within my heart to be there. I always wrote, painted, embraced photography and from my inner mind sprang forth many dreams and images which to this day still come and visit me; or is it I who visit them? Maybe we meet half way in realms just begging to be explored…

Tellings and tales have a life of their own; they take the writer on an amazing adventure as they soar above the hilltops creating a whispering breeze of freedom that finds life from the innermost corners of the writer’s mind. Writing can be like giving birth and often letting go of the tellings and setting them free into the world of men can be either very scary or very liberating. Some poems of mine can be found all over the web and I know they inhabit spaces that I am not conscious of, but they are their own entities now and thus so they may roam in cyber space without my permission and I am happy for them to do just that.

Liberating what is in my mind in the form of tales, tellings and poetry is something I hope others will enjoy, yet it is something I am compelled to do for my own enjoyment too. It gives me life and motion; it creates timelines and imaginings that connect me to my past present and future and yet within those imaginings real truths do emerge, often cloaked in the glamour of my dreamtime, yet I know them to be from my creators who came from a beautiful blue planet beyond the stars. I simple give my words a voice and set them forever free into the world of men; I keep the truths alive.

I think in one’s dreams the true inner person is allowed to fly free and unshackled; i dance a lot in my dreams, yet in reality, in real life i have not danced for many years but in my dreams it is a truly freeing and beautiful experience. We all have a spirit that longs to fly free, maybe one that yearns to go back to source; to be a part of the universal energy once again with no mortal incumberances. I know my body is just a vessel, a cloak of time that i wear for a purspose that only time and tide are gradually sharing with me, but i do dream of flying free and dancing in the universe….

So then I very much hope you will enjoy my tales and tellings and join me in my joy, my journey and my passion and within my words and imaginings you may discover your own truths too…

moonwillow/adueni 2013

Watching and waiting....

Watching and waiting….

“Hear not the words that are spoken, but further advance in the knowledge of who I am”.

Words from The Priory teachings: