The First Week of NaPoWriMo: my first seven poems of the challenge


In the long endless night

When I cannot sleep

I yearn for the solace of the daylight hours

I would rise now in darkness

But others annoyingly lie silently sleeping

Unaware of my nightly battle

Of my silent screams

Good for them

(I think not)

Yet I fear my movements

Would wake them

They innocently slumber

While I resist prowling

The dark and creaking house

So I lie awake

Listening to music

Not the soothing kind

Usually Meat Loaf

Or Guns and Roses

Funny how that sooths me

While the ‘soothing’ type just irritates

When dawn arrives

I finally enjoy a hot black coffee

Then slumber comes mockingly

And I steal the night time back

Or was that the cat

Wanting to go out?

April 7th 2015

Letting go…

When angry or riled I quench my passion in a poem

Like an arrow fired at the cause of my dark mood

Seething words freed into the universe

Now I am at peace

Now then tell me

Is it my words that have soothed me so

Letting free, letting go

Or was it my deadly witches’ curse that surely found its target?

And does it matter?

April 6th 2015

All that I love

I love the dark & I love the night

I love the beauty of a dragon in flight

I love the shadows and I love the hidden

I love all secrets that are forbidden

I love the draw of a demon’s lair

To live with the vampires

And not having to care

I love the seas when the tide is high

I love the heavens when a storm is nigh

I love to roam where the wild ones roam

To live with the old ones

I would love it so.

In my dreams of the darkest night

I embrace all that I love with sheer delight

April 5th

The Time of Light

The time of the light is here!

But I am a creature of the dark; I cry.

Spring is here in all its glory!

But I hold the winter deep within my frozen heart

Rise up and sing the praises of the re-birthed light!

But I yearn the soul comfort of demons and spectres

Yay! The days of unending sunshine are here!

But I crave the doomed secrets hidden in the shadows of flickering candlelight

Bright beach days are ahead; don’t you know?

I plead with fingers clenched for the forgotten forests of my nightmares

The days ahead are sunshine days; days for play you know!

Please, please go away and let me be

Leave me in my darksome, sunless lair

And dare not to wake me from my eternal slumbers

Til winter comes again…

April 4th 2015

Something silly played on telly last night…..

Like an old scratched shellac record

Going round and around

Getting nowhere in a dusty old groove

Round and around

Over and over again

Echoing, empty words

Sounds of a bygone age

A cacophony of sound

That blanket ones ears

Out of time, dusty and worn

Yet round and round it goes


Same old notes

Same old song

Cajoling us to dance the dance

To play the song

To learn the words

To sing along

Round and around

Old words

Old tunes

Old singers


A blunt needle spinning at high speed

Spewing out the white noise of inharmonious harmonies

I can no longer hear the tune or dance the dance

For my tune; my music is of a greater sound

Walking over to the record player I turn off the switch.

In another room

In another universe

The composers play on…..

April 3rd 2015

Steps on a Journey

Each step I take is unique

Each different from the one before

A small step that will never be again

And yet each step is life to me

Taking me to where I need to be

I cannot stand still within time

For my feet ever march on

My road is bumpy, stony and less travelled

Yet it is my road

I tread it as best I can

For only I know how

Am I going or coming?

Am I travelling in or out of the labyrinth?

Is destiny to be found at the centre?

Or at some yet undefined compass point?

It’s my road though

My perception

My creation



Through my life

Ancient steps trod before

With wisdom gained from wise ancestors

Whose own roads are forever etched in their time

I pause and decide which way now

There is no past

No future

Only now and me

Time does not exist

The road is me

Is now

I am the road

The steps are mine

The road pulses as it twists and turns

Fresh and new and exhilarating

Spinning me around

Throwing me off kilter

Awakening me to my journey

I hold on to my life

Feet upon the ground

One small step

Unique and different from the one before

April 2nd 2015


I love to sit in silence

To surround myself in it

Envelope myself from the day

My bubble of silence is my world

And yet is a world so large, so expensive

That I am beautifully lost in the enormity of it

A silent world unending yet complete

Adventures begin and end in silence

As do dreams

The silent hills of destiny beckon

And who am I to argue….

April 1st

Claiming their own...