The Beginning…..

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We stood on the shores of time, you and I and gazed into the sunset as time ran out….


And yes we did finally meet as the tide turned crimson at sunset, just as you said we would. Yet it was your haunted eyes that glowed deeper than the tides; eternally like garnet flames…… were silent, quiet and even though I hardly knew you I knew something was wrong. You knew something more – what was it? Was this the end or just the beginning? Your face did not change; you just stared into eternity as if it was  our future you saw on the horizon. The last day on earth; we knew this time would come; for everything we had ever known, loved or believed in had led us here to this frozen point in time.


But what now? How can this one moment become our future? You knew so much and said so little and I clinging on with an insane urge to survive still knew nothing. The sunset faded yet your eyes still burned and I knew at this point that I would never, ever see another sunset again. Why had I not seen your garnet glowing orbs before, those fiery orbs that now told me who you truly were and why you never shed a tear for the very last sunset here on earth?


I began to hear a distant roar and a tremor beneath my feet; everything around was rushing past me, memories, movements, actions, people, all going, all fading as the ground gave way and I found myself suspended in a time that never really was. I looked around in the gathering darkness, where were you?


Am I dreaming I wondered, was I to wake up safe and sound in my bed, still loving you yet never having known you for real. Or am I really riding the waves of time waiting to cross the threshold into your world. But where were you, where was the sunset we gazed upon? Where was that shore and why could I no longer sense you by my side?


And now I could no longer see those glowing orbs as the winds and the waves consumed me in a deep vortex of uncertainty. I craved the fire for myself; I craved to see your eyes again as the rains fell upon a land that no longer existed. Tossed upon the winds of fate I somehow held on until eventually the quietness came and I realized that yes this was the beginning.


And when all winds and rain had ceased and the quietness came upon all, I saw again from out of the dark skies, those two shiny red orbs seemingly coming towards me; those garnet, glowing orbs I knew so well. So I was not alone after all I thought and waited for your whispering voice beside me, a voice that filled me with hope and comfort. Yet it never came…. For as i peered out into the midnight coloured sky I saw indeed those bright orbs, shining side by side, orbs of hope, orbs of the future; beautifully placed side by side, the new twin planets of a new universe.


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A true tale of what summer should be………..

It was a blistering hot day in late June; she sat in the soft sand dunes staring out at the sea, mesmerized by the sparkling waters. This east coast seaside town in England was buzzing with life and noise and she had happily abandoned her companions to it.

Earth Air Fire & Water
Earth Air Fire & Water

Two days in a frenetic atmosphere of very loud music, unbearably hot bars and little sleep had taken their toll. Now all she wanted to do was to find solitude and magical connection.

Her companions had gone off searching for yet more social activity, but she was in no doubt as to what she needed. She risked their disgruntlement when she told them she was staying on the beach. She needed to be cleansed, made whole, to find her balance and above all to simply connect with the natural forces around her.

As she sat staring out to the sea the words of a ritual started to form themselves inside her head. The rhythmic sound of words danced within her brain like the tide foaming over the waterline pebbles. She was the only person on that stretch of beach and the feeling of solitude was amazing. The vastness of the emptiness permeated her soul and filled her very being with electricity. Still the words kept coming, tumbling over themselves like the tiny riplets of water on the seashore. She took off her shoes and slowly stretched out her toes allowing the warm sensuality of the sand to softly slip between them.

Standing up instinctively to gaze upon the glittering horizon she took a deep breath of the warm, salt-laced air. After a few soothing breaths she deliberately made her way over the golden baked sand and down to the shoreline. Standing at the waters edge she let the cooling, cleansing ocean refresh and wash over her bare feet. After a few minutes she bent down and began to inscribe a circle on the damp sand, etching over into the very sea itself. When she had finished she stood up again and looked at her work.

I am in the centre of my world, she thought, I am standing in a liminal space of my own creation, truly between the worlds of ocean and earth. The power of the four elements all around was so strong that calling the quarters was totally irrelevant to her. She stood at the centre of her circle simply acknowledging and honouring their presence.

Air, she took a few deep, slow breaths and filled her lungs with it’s life giving properties. Fire, she held out her arms to the radiating glow of the fiery star above her. Water, gentle lapping at her feet, cleansing and renewing her life. Earth, she sank down onto her knees and picked up a handful of golden pearls, grounding her whole being in doing so.

It is all here, she thought and I am Spirit caught in the centre of this web, not only in the centre of this magical circle but deeply caught in the web of life itself.

Knowing that the power not only comes from deep within, but also from the connection found with the four elements and the magic of the natural world itself. And her knowing of this was all she needed as she began to cast her spell……………….

Natures Spell
Natures Spell

……and it happened to me on that very hot summers day 🙂