Time to stop….?

Opening doors and running through rooms
Running, running, running through dark rooms
Running through darkness, feeling the mud holding and clinging
Seeing faces from a past that never was
Hearing voices from a future never to be
Opening doors and running through rooms
Quick, quick, run, run
Don’t stay still, don’t let the door slam
Keep ahead of the crowd, ahead of your thoughts
Stay ahead of the truth, run through the room
Shut the door, shut it all in
Dare to breathe, dare to cry
Dare to live, yet dare to die?
Shut the door, stay in the room, crouch on the floor
Time for tears, time to cry
Lock the door, keep it all out
Tired, tired of running
Time to stop, time to slow, time to live, time to grow
Time to embrace the truth as it is
Step up to life to bury the lies
Swing the hatchet, hold it down
Come alive in the blood
As you roar, as you roar
Open the door and see all your fears
Open the door, see what it reveals
See life in a room that’s not gone wrong
Stay in one place, slow
Slow to a beat, take one breath
Chill to the beat. sing to the rhythm
Vibrate with life, flow with the pain
Be whole once again
It’s life, it’s hard, this is it, this is now
Hold on, hold on
Catch the light, catch the time
Catch the breath, catch the now!


August 2017