The Untrodden Path…

Sometimes following ones inner instinct may seem out of kilter with the rest of ones peers, yet maybe not, especially if one has never had a need to ‘fit in’.

Some of us have always lurked happily on the edges of society; we are the world’s shadow dwellers, the keepers of wisdom and the timeless watchers.

Instinct takes us down the well known untrodden path and we know how to leave no trace.

We are the whispers of the wind, walking silently through your world, observing all yet saying little.

Instinct and inner spirit always takes us to where we need to be; always to that right time, that right place without really thinking about it anymore; fate and destiny entwined, moving both back in time yet forwards simultaneously, for time has no meaning, no purpose in a world of illusion.

Think not of the ways of man, think not of the mundane, for all will vanish upon the winds of fate, when the hour of destiny is nigh and the truth is finally revealed for all it is.

Listen to your heart beat, listen to your instinct when it takes you in the opposite direction to others, for it is there you will find the truths; the truths that have always been here; though never seen in the clamour to always be heard.

In the silence, once you find it, you will see what you are meant to see and know what you are meant to finally know.

The road is bumpy and untrodden in current times; but listen to your heart lest you miss that final beat……




September 2016


Author: The MidKnight Garden & Midknights Tellings

Follower of the true Old Ways, tutor, writer, poet, photographer, lover of the arts, gigs and theatre. My love for my path and writing is a constant source of joy and inspiration to me.

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