(Created at the wonderful Allographic Workshop in Cambridge from suggested words and phrases birthed from the suggested word of ‘Lunatic’) 


Hidden in the shadow, with her soul out of sync

And not of the world; she was dancing with the hare.

Was it the madness of the moon cycles

Or simply the moon wisdom;

Her hidden wisdom

That had bought her here?


Yes certainly.

Her search for stability?


The ways of the dark called;

She knew she was not of the sun.

Oh how crazy she thought,

Crazy but right.

She knew the ways of the blood,

Acknowledged them,

Danced to the monthly cycle.

The lunar activity

Growing, stronger,

No longer out of sync,

No longer not of the world.

But in the darkness

With her hidden soul alive

She was dancing with the hare eternally

Claiming their own...

January 2016