NaPoWriMo: Week no 3 of the Poetry Writing Challenge for April

Nonsense Rhyme

Words and rhymes and news and views

Barriers, boundaries, roads and gates

Eat your words

Rhyme your slang

Read the news

And air your views

Over the barrier

Cross the boundary

Up the road

And through the gate

Eat the air

Rhyme the news

Up over the gate

To cross the road

A bit of nonsense

I know too well

A meaningless poem

Cos I’m tired as hell!

 21st April



Dark Desire

I love a little hidden café

Down a backstreet of the world

A tiny door, a little step

A secret place for sure

In my little hidden corner

A refuge from the world

To dream awhile, escape a while

To sup, of that I’m sure

A double espresso

Oh yes please

Let me savour every drop

And escape into my dreams

You won’t find me in Starbucks

Or Costa that’s for sure

Or sipping tasteless liquid

That’s masquerading for the pure

So I hide in my dark corner

And sip the sacred brew

A bean that in its destiny

Became the elixir of my life

I love to hide in cafés

The dark ones are the best

Away from life and mundane things

A date with aromatic pleasure

So dark seductive liquid

In my hidden world

You are mine and I am yours

Just one more please mister….

21st April



Seasons of Life

We bloom like pink cherry blossom in Springtime’s gentle light

Running wild with Summer’s flame with no thoughts of tomorrow

Yielding to sweet Autumn’s timely harvest we slow our pace

And when Winter comes we sleep eternally on snow chilled land

To rise again amongst the bennu bird of paradise foretold

20th April




We sat together,

Alone and solitary

Staring emptily

At each other across the table

Not holding hands

The chasm was enormous

Unspoken words pored out

Holding us in their thrall

Before tumbling

Into an empty vastness

Two lives unlived

Opportunities never taken

Promises unfulfilled

Held stagnate by chilled emotion

Silent words screeched out

For freedom

Poignant screams fell

Heavily into the void

Of unspoken heartache

Where did we go wrong?

At what point was the love

All over?

Where did it go

When it died?

I sighed, bodily

Yet still no words

The black pit between us

Reflected in our tear stung eyes

Don’t go

I wanted to scream

But instead choked

I knew not what you thought

I love you

But my words went unsaid

You moved to go

I moved towards the door

Both in opposite directions

We had already

Become the past

April 19th



Birthday Poem

Sunshine and children

Laughter and families

Walking and running

And kicking a ball

Twilling and whizzing

Climbing and sliding

Skipping on green grass

Fun for all

These are the days

Of memory making

Hugging and kissing

Having a ball

Happing in sunshine

Wearing a smile

Three generations

Passing time

Enjoying a cycle

A returning sun

All of us happy

Feeling so young

Life is so fleeting

We all need to grab it

Hold on to the laughter

Have lots of fun

April 18th



A Cursed Kiss

I watch you from the shadows

Half hidden

Bathed in darkness

And expectation

The taste of twilight on my lips

Adorned on yours a ruby smile

A beautiful red blood rose blooms

A nocturnal garden of sweet delight

I move closer

Ah if only you knew my desire

If only you could know me

For who I truly am Instinct and dark desire

Deny this Released from my forbidden shadow

Our eyes meet for one brief moment

No remorse

No guilt

My kiss of fate

Is cast upon your life

April 17th




Surround me in your green

Dapple me in your sunshine

Bathe me in your rays of beauty

I shall lie beside you

Warm and glowing

In the velvet of your meadows

And when the rains return

Shall thy cleanse my soul

As I return to wonderment

Bury me in your woods of old

Cradle my spirit

In the all knowing of eternity

When the world falls away

And all that is left is the love

Your embrace will go on

15th April



Times Passing

From the shore line

I gaze across the sea

Towards the future


Grassy dunes behind

Cannot ever

Hide my past


Rooted in the present

Cold rivulets

Soul fire quenched


Storm clouds coming

Eyes close

Waves splash


14th April



Author: The MidKnight Garden & Midknights Tellings

Follower of the true Old Ways, tutor, writer, poet, photographer, lover of the arts, gigs and theatre. My love for my path and writing is a constant source of joy and inspiration to me.

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