Insomnia or Entrapement?

An endless night where words are suspended in a void
Where answers have no questions
And the darkness gives no hiding place
Stuck in a groove of endlessly repeating patterns

Darkness is not a friend yet neither is the light.
I shout and scream silently
Longing to fill the void with sounds
My sounds of anger, of frustrations.

The answers come not
I am never comforted
I die a thousand deaths
Over and over in an aeon of night

Tumbling words make no sense
Have been said time and time again.
Who will listen?
Who will save me from entrapment?

Trapped in a human body; yet not human.
Looking for a way out I bang on unforgiving walls of flesh.
Flesh bound so strong and hard
Will I ever escape this human prison and fly free again?

I crave a sleep that never comes;
Only a drug induced falseness
Making lead of my heart with no joy to the dawning.

This creature of Spirit
Unsupported by earth
Held tight by body bound to mortal flesh.
Twitching and turning and never tiring.

Reaching for the drug of falseness
To slumber and sink in a world of pain
Craving clarity amidst the dawn.

Yet never does it come
I crumble in the light
Hope gone
Screaming alone in silence

In this silence of illusion
I find my life
I dream of letting go to walk the alleyways of night in joy
Yet am bound to what I am and who I no longer am



Author: The MidKnight Garden & Midknights Tellings

Follower of the true Old Ways, tutor, writer, poet, photographer, lover of the arts, gigs and theatre. My love for my path and writing is a constant source of joy and inspiration to me.

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