Obsidian Eyes….

A moment in time, yours and mine,
Forever together yet never to be.
A moment in time, yours and mine,
But honey I fell into your haunted eyes.
I fell right into your haunted eyes.
Your empty eyes held secrets and lies.
I fell and I drowned in your haunted eyes.
I swam in the night, in the darkest night.
In the blackest night of your haunted eyes.
I died in your eyes and read all the lies;
I read all the lies you held in your eyes.
Yet honey I saw the tears in your eyes
And the pain that you hid in your obsidian eyes.
Deeper and deeper into the depths I sank;
I sank in the depths of your deep dark eyes.
In the dark and the pain there’s no where to hide,
No where to hide in your ghostly eyes.
Can I save you or will you save me
As I sink in the lies of your haunted eyes?
I saw all the lies yet went with the tides.
I went with the tides in your haunted eyes;
Of your deathly dark and hypnotic eyes.
We swim in the lies, we die in the lies.
You and I honey, just you and I.
We drown in the lies of your haunted eyes.
Your beautiful, empty, obsidian eyes.


Obsidian Eye

Author: The MidKnight Garden; Knights of the Red Order, The Knights Castle & Midknights Tellings

A Knight & follower of the truth, a Knight of the Red Order, tutor, writer, poet, photographer, lover of the arts, gigs and theatre. My love for my path is my entire life & together with my writing, travelling & photography my life is a constant joy because of this.

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